Developing intercultural competence through the analysis of Fake News on migrants and minorities (“savoir comprendre”)

Have you ever wondered how much of the information you consume in your daily online life is fake? In this module, you will analyze Fake News, understand what they are, what are the mechanisms behind them and who are their main targets. For that, you will use different strategies and (multilingual) resources, that encompass theoretical concepts deepening and practical activities, with special emphasis for the escape rooms potential as a pedagogical tool to promote and develop intercultural competence

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From detecting to using Fake News as pedagogical tools in educational settings: focusing on the development of the intercultural competence

What are Fake News, how can they be deconstructed and work pedagogically to develop intercultural competence? In this module you will learn about students' contact with Fake News, what they think of it as a topic to work on in different subjects, and you will reflect on the possibilities and potentialities of its integration in the classroom. To this end, you will have access to information sources and pedagogical resources in different languages that will guide you in the construction, implementation and evaluation of a lesson plan.

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Diverse teacher education scenarios

Here you can select the activities of the two modules you want to include in your training and build a personalised pathway that best matches your objectives and/or those of your students.

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Two on-line teacher education modules